Pain Management Case Study

How a multi-location pain management practice used Fillungo’s ‘Patient Magnet Solution’ to implement a predictable, scaleable and cost-effective patient acquisition program.


A leading pain management practice, operating and expanding rapidly across Texas, Ohio and Kentucky, needed to fill excess capacity across their network of existing and newly opened office locations.

Historically, they had relied solely on referrals from physician outreach, providers and word-of-mouth. While these sources are effective, they are unpredictable, lead to volatility when a physician leaves the practice and do not scale well as more office locations are added.

To achieve their goal of consistency, scalability and cost efficiency, we implemented our proven Patient Magnet Solution to generate a truly additive referral channel of new patients.


Data Strategy – Build a Feedback Loop

It is critical to have a strong analytical foundation, in order to set benchmarks, establish targets and measure the performance. Therefore, being Certified in Google Analytics, our first step was to track the actions we are encouraging patients to take; such as call or text the office, complete an appointment request form or complete a new patient in-take form.

Hyper-Targeted Paid Media

Due to the proximity of some office locations to one another, it became necessary to ensure new patient leads were directed to the appropriate office and that we don’t compete against ourselves for impressions, which would impact the efficiency of our advertising budget. Using a combination of targeting dimensions and customized exclusion criteria, we are confidently minimizing overlap of each location’s ad campaigns, while maximizing exposure of offices that are in closest proximity to a patient.

Local SEO & Reputation Management

People use traditional Google Search to find products and information, they use Google Maps for services and places. Therefore, across all locations we implemented best practices for Google Business Listings and partnered with office staff to gather high-quality photos and videos of each location. Combining this with an on-going system to gather positive reviews, is improving each location’s prominence in map results, giving patients confidence that the location is clean, safe and professional and continually increasing our share of map result impressions and click-throughs.

On-Site SEO

Identifying mission critical keywords and executing a technical and content based strategy for those keywords to beat out your competitors, is a path to owning your stream of new patients via online channels. That’s why from Day 1 our team of SEO specialists, with more than 20 years of experience and experimentation to know what works, got to work laying the foundation for long-term results via organic search. This is a core pillar of the Patient Magnet Solution, as we reduce a client’s dependency on paid traffic and replace it with organic traffic, further increasing consistency, predictability and cost-efficiency.

Results & Conclusion

Fill Excess Capacity

Year-over-Year averaging 2x more new patients via online per month


5X increase in the Percent of Total Patients coming from online since implementing Patient Magnet Solution. Not only has this percentage increased, but it has continued to grow as additional locations have been added to the practice!


Since implementing the Patient Magnet Solution, we have been able to increase the volume of new patients, hit client targets for new patients, all without requiring increased budget, leading to drastic decreases in cost-per-acquisition

As competition and consolidation within the pain management industry increase, practices need to broaden and modernize their patient acquisition strategies to attract and retain patients.

Establishing a strong analytical foundation, employing proven acquisition strategies via our Patient Magnet Solution and never settling for ‘good enough’, has enabled Fillungo to deliver the results our client demanded, while setting them up for growth via a predictable, scalable, cost-effective means to acquire new patients.

At Fillungo, we love working with growth-minded physicians/business-owners to help them achieve their goals and welcome the opportunity to partner with you to deliver similar results!