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Learn. Act. Grow.

Since 2016, Fillungo has helped companies strategize, implement and act to better understand their customers, utilize data in their decision making process and ultimately grow their business. Our clients span a variety of industries, but we specialize in multi-location businesses. We’re continually asking questions, getting answers and helping you take action.

Our Story

Fillungo’s Founder, Scott Calise is a seasoned digital analytics professional with a love for understanding the connection between content, product, user experience and business objectives. Along each step of his career, from practitioner to executive, he took outdated or inadequate data collection strategies and enhanced them to meet the present and future needs of the business. This was achieved by being an effective translator of clients’ objectives into data collection schemas that allowed for the health of a business to be monitored and strategic questions to be answered using data instead of people’s “guts”.​

After a decade of crunching data in New York City, Scott and his family embarked on a ‘gap year’ in Italy. Fillungo (which translates to “long thread”) is the name of a winding road that connects two ends of the city of Lucca, where he lived.

Scott Calise

Founder & Lead Researcher

Kat Van Fossen

Consumer & Market Researcher

Evan Roberts

Paid Media & SEO Strategist

Patrick Kennedy

Senior Data Analyst

Holli Muth

Project Manager


Paid Media & SEO Strategist

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